SYNLawn® knows that maintaining your lawn throughout the autumn and winter seasons can be a battle. Frost, cold temperatures, snow, sleet, hail, and never-ending wind can damage and even destroy natural grass. Consider the monetary and aesthetic benefits of synthetic turf with three of the top reasons homeowners throughout New Mexico are making the switch to an artificial grass lawn.

1. Stunning appearance and functionality

No one wants to look outside at their beautiful backyard to see dead, brown grass that struggles throughout the autumn and winter months. Sometimes it seems like a gamble as to whether your grass will even grow back in the spring. With an artificial grass lawn from SYNLawn, you can enjoy a perfectly green lawn all year round, especially during the fall months when the weather is perfect. Host parties, roast s’mores in a fire pit or simply sit outside and view the stars at dusk or gaze at the balloons at sunrise. Because our artificial turf is pet and kid-friendly, the whole family can experience playing, eating, laughing, and bonding outdoors.

2. Low maintenance

Lawn maintenance inevitably becomes more of a hassle as the leaves start to fall and frosts start to occur. Eliminate the need to weed, mow, fertilize, or water your lawn. In fact, you can save up to two-thirds of your monthly water bill by making the switch from a natural grass to an artificial grass lawn in New Mexico. Once it starts getting colder, you won’t have to worry about your sprinklers freezing or your water pipes bursting because we eliminate the need for all these appliances. It is also easier to rake leaves on an artificial grass lawn. With our synthetic turf, you will never have to worry about raking up clumps of sod and dirt again. Raking a SYNLawn® New Mexico lawn is as easy as using a leaf blower to effortlessly remove leaves and dust.

3. Easier frosts

Our artificial grass lawns are durable enough to outlast even the most severe frost without dulling or incurring damage. If you wish to shovel the snow off of your lawn, however, it is important to use a plastic snow shovel to avoid tearing the synthetic turf.

Experience how stress-free and relaxing a fall and winter season can be with the knowledge that you’ll have a perfectly green and manicured lawn come the big thaw. As your neighbors struggle to breathe life back into their brown, lifeless landscaping, enjoy barbequing, playing, and other activities come springtime. Contact SYNLawn® New Mexico for more information about our premium artificial grass lawns and get a free quote today!