How much is your time worth to you? Natural grass lawns are time consuming and very costly. A SYNLawn® synthetic grass lawn can drastically reduce the time and money you put into landscaping maintenance. Our artificial grass products are the industry’s finest in terms of look, feel, durability and affordability, and make a perfect fit for residential and commercial landscaping needs. A growing number of homeowners are discovering just how simple it is to have a synthetic turf lawn. Imagine a scenario where your lawn looks perfect, you did very little to maintain it and your neighbors keep telling you they wish they had a lawn that looked so good! The best part is that it actually saved you money. Our artificial grass lawns can bring this scenario to life!

Here are some amazing facts about what a SYNLawn® artificial turf installation can mean to you:

  • SYNLawn® customers typically save on their annual water bill

  • Our synthetic grass eliminates additional expenses related to mowing, fertilizing, pesticides, sprinkler repair, etc.

  • Our customers typically recoup their investment within two to four years

  • Our products can add hours of leisure time back into your life each year by minimizing the need for landscape maintenance

  • You may be eligible for water credits depending on where you live

Let’s Get Started

There are very few products available to consumers today that actually pay for themselves over time. SYNLawn® synthetic grass is one of those products. The ability to recoup time and money every day from our products is a wonderful benefit. Of course, a perfectly pristine yard year-round is a pretty nice benefit as well!

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