Our artificial grass lawns offer a wonderful opportunity to lower your environmental footprint. SYNLawn® is the first name in artificial turf products for a reason. We have put a great deal of research and development into the creation of our synthetic grass, and one of our goals in doing so was to create product that is environmentally friendly in every way. You will find our products in a number of applications, including not only lawns and landscaping but also backyard putting greens, indoor golf greens, pet turf, sports turf and even playground grass. No matter how you choose to use them, you can rest assured that our products will help you to save water, reduce emissions and more. Once upon a time fake grass was created cheaply and was anything but a friend to the environment. SYNLawn® has changed all that. Learn more about our incredibly realistic, environmentally conscious line of products today.

We are excited at the opportunity to bring those living in Rio Rancho artificial turf products they can count on for years and years of aesthetic beauty and environmental stewardship. Here are a few facts that illustrate the environmental commitment we’ve made via our products:

  • Our products have an extended lifespan and are completely recyclable
  • No watering necessary, allowing you to save significantly on your annual water bills
  • Manufactured using renewable and recycled materials
  • Our exclusive ENVIROLOC™ Backing System is approximately 60 to 70% green by weight, contributing to LEED points
  • No mowing necessary means no lawn equipment, allowing you to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption significantly

We know that our customers purchase our products because of their beauty, durability and affordability. The environmental benefits inherent in our products are an added bonus you can feel good about. Furthermore, lower water bills means more money in your pocket, and that is always a good thing!

Make today the day you learn more about the SYNLawn® line of products.

Working together we can create a custom line that will do wonders for your outdoor space!