As a New Mexico homeowner, there is an element of pride in how your home appears from the street. Having a well-maintained exterior can seem like a never-ending project for many, especially since traditional sod requires constant upkeep to keep it looking healthy and green all year long. Between watering, fertilizing, and using tools for general maintenance, grass lawn maintenance can also be costly. Without these investments, lawns can become brown and crunchy. If this sounds familiar, SYNLawn’s residential artificial grass is a perfect, always-green and long-lasting solution for your New Mexico property’s landscape.

Why investing in synthetic grass improves your curb appeal

There seems to always be that one bare lawn in the neighborhood that seems to be more brown than green. When the lawn looks unkempt, it detracts from the presentation of the home.

Make a proactive decision to not be that homeowner and opt for SYNLawn artificial grass. We have several turf blends that provide an always-green solution for New Mexico homeowners, and they work to prevent dried-out areas, slippery surfaces, and even muddy tracks. Our grass options look as lush as natural sod in a much easier to maintain way. As an added bonus, our artificial grass lawns have a built-in drainage system, so the days of puddles and messy, muddy tracks are a thing of the past!

Where artificial grass makes the most impact at Albuquerque homes

  • Consider installing SYNLawn artificial grass in areas where natural grass doesn’t grow well, such as side yards, shady areas, or areas with poor soil composition
  • Create a modern pool deck area in New Mexico by installing our synthetic turf around your swimming pool to prevent mud
  • Create a soft, comfortable garden by making a rooftop or balcony terrace with our fake grass blends
  • Encourage kids to play outdoors by installing our playground artificial turf systems under their playset, trampoline, and other outdoor play units
  • Make a pet-friendly space on your patio or lawn where four-legged family members can romp freely or doze in comfort

Best of all, since SYNLawn artificial grass is more durable than traditional sod. This means it won’t deteriorate in high-traffic areas.

Steps for Artificial Turf Installation

No matter which solution works best for your needs, SYNScapes of New Mexico, LLC can install synthetic turf on a schedule that works for you. We are a full-service artificial turf installer, which means we handle all the preparation and installation steps for you. All you have to do is enjoy your new low-maintenance lawn.

Upkeep of your SYNLawn® synthetic turf is inexpensive and involves only light rinsing from a hose on a regular basis to remove debris or dust that has accumulated. There’s no need to irrigate artificial grass, so your water bills will drop considerably. You may also choose to use a flexible rake or stiff broom to “fluff” your grass for special occasions.

Go ahead and sell that lawnmower in the shed, and stop buying hazardous pesticides to fight weeds. It’s time for you and your family to spend more time together and less time on lawn upkeep! As you can see, installing artificial grass at your Colorado home does more than boost curb appeal; it increases your family’s quality of life with a nice outdoor environment and lowers the cost of home and lawn maintenance. Talk to our friendly team members to learn more about how SYNLawn artificial grass can benefit you, your home, or commercial property! Contact SYNScapes of New Mexico, LLC today!