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Throw the Ultimate Summer Barbecue
by Following These Key Rules

Friends having a barbecue party in nature while having a blast

Spring is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning an epic summer barbecue! If you have a SYNLawn backyard, then you already know you have the best artificial grass Albuquerque has to offer. Now, you need the best party to go along with it! For a summer night your friends will remember forever, all you have to do is stick to a few key rules. Read on for tips that will leave guests talking about your barbecue all summer long!

Extend the Guest List

It’s time to widen your horizon. Say goodbye to that typical guest list and spice things up! Invite your close friends but push yourself to extend invites to new faces as well. Those fun coworkers, new neighbors or the parents of your child’s favorite classmate are the perfect candidates. Besides, new friendships never go out of style!

Create a Signature BBQ Move!

If you make a special dish or drink that leaves your friends raving, be sure to make it consistently and highlight it as a main event. Announcing that your famous wings or punch will make an appearance at the party will liven up your guests and almost guarantee an amazing turnout.

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5 Key Landscaping Spots for
Artificial Grass in Albuquerque

Artificial grass landscape at Albuquerque homeAs a New Mexico homeowner, there is an element of pride in how your home appears from the street. Having a well-maintained exterior can seem like a never-ending project for many, especially since traditional sod requires constant upkeep to keep it looking healthy and green all year long. Between watering, fertilizing, and using tools for general maintenance, grass lawn maintenance can also be costly. Without these investments, lawns can become brown and crunchy. If this sounds familiar, SYNLawn’s residential artificial grass is a perfect, always-green and long-lasting solution for your New Mexico property’s landscape.

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Albuquerque Synthetic SpeedTurf
& TrackTurf Installation

Albuquerque synthetic turfThroughout Albuquerque and Santa Fe, SYNLawn® offers two new synthetic sport turf products designed specifically with athletes in mind: SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™. These sport turf applications are ideal for a wide range of uses, including indoor and outdoor tracks, residential and commercial weight rooms, gymnasiums, cross-training facilities, and strength and agility training areas.

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3 Reasons You’ll Wish You Had
Artificial Grass in New Mexico this

artificial turf in autumnSYNLawn® knows that maintaining your lawn throughout the autumn and winter seasons can be a battle. Frost, cold temperatures, snow, sleet, hail, and never-ending wind can damage and even destroy natural grass. Consider the monetary and aesthetic benefits of synthetic turf with three of the top reasons homeowners throughout New Mexico are making the switch to an artificial grass lawn.

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Enjoy the Fall Festivities with an
Artificial Grass Lawn From SYNLawn
New Mexico

How to Throw the Ultimate Outdoor Halloween Party


There are countless benefits of replacing your natural grass with our premium artificial grass. You can eliminate an average of two-thirds of your monthly water bill, reclaim the time you previously spent fertilizing and mowing your lawn, and enjoy spending time in your yard more, especially as Albuquerque fall weather sets in! This Halloween, plan an outdoor party on your synthetic turf that will both scare and delight your guests. Here are some great ideas from SYNLawn New Mexico for taking your get-together to the next level:

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Our Synthetic Grass Is Right at
Home in a Variety of Applications

There are a number of wonderful qualities and benefits attached to SYNLawn synthetic grass products that reach beyond their great look and feel. They are environmentally friendly, requiring no watering, no mowing and no fertilizing. Our biobased products are 100% recyclable, using renewable and recycled materials during the manufacturing process.

In addition to these great qualities, our synthetic grass products are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. In fact, the number of places where you can find our synthetic grass continues to grow. Here are just a few of the many applications that benefit from the presence of SYNLawn synthetic grass:

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Look To Us for All Your Landscape
and Design Needs

If you live in New Mexico or El Paso metro area and are thinking about a landscaping project at your home, we can help you facilitate that project and create an end result that will thrill you. You see, we are not merely a distributor of SYNLawn synthetic turf products. We are also a full-service landscaping and design firm, and will work with you to make something beautiful and unique of your outdoor space.

We believe in working with our customers to design a project that is unique to them. Each client we work with has a unique space they wish to landscape. Our goal is to listen closely to them to get a feel for their vision of their project, and to apply our skills and expertise to bring that vision to life. We will of course give our input and opinions based on our evaluation of their outdoor space and budget. The bottom line, however, is an end result that exceeds their grandest expectations.

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